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Looking for products for your spa? You would certainly like to have the best to satisfy your customers.

 Ayurlabs India through its constant research into Ayurveda - the 5000 year old holistic science of India - has developed 100% natural and pure Ayurvedic oils and powders which have a healing, revitalising and relaxing effect on the body. They work deep into the muscle and tissue layers as well as on the nerves to heal, relax and de-stress.

 We have mud / clay packs and mud-bathing powders blended with healing and aromatic herbs that not only exfoliate but also relax, deodorize and energise the body.

 Know more about Mysteribath Herbomineral Ayurvedic mud-bathing powder and Mysteribath Premium clays.

 Our body-massage oils, prepared in a sesame oil base and made according to the traditional Ayurvedic processes, contain nourishing and healing herbs. Massages with them improve the blood circulation, help expel impurities from the body, de-stress, relax and tone up the body and give luster to the skin. They can be used for treating all the three doshas: kapha, pitta and vata.

 Know more about Tarika Ayurvedic Body oil and Tarika Ayurvedic Body Toner and Moisturiser oil.

 You can use our powders and oils for:

 De-stress massages:  Full body massages with Tarika Body oil on weekends help to completely de-stress and relax.

 Massages for relaxation and detoxification: Full body packs with Mysteribath Herbomineral Bath clays followed by full body massages with Tarika Ayurvedic Body oil help to relax and de-stress. For detoxification make a thick body pack with Mysteribath Herbomineral. For better results add some rosewater or cucumber juice in the paste.


 Ayurlabs India offers you 100% natural and pure skin care products which are effective and easy to use. Because they are pure and 100% natural they have no side effects. Effective and safe acne / pimple removers, facial packs, face oils all made with Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients to suit your customer's needs.

 You can use our products for:

 Acne / Pimple Treatment: Make a paste of Tarika Ayurvedic Pimple Remover (with water, milk or rosewater) and apply regularly for 4 to 5 days. After each application, use Tarika Face Wash to massage the face.

 Facial packs: Facial packs with Tarika Daily Facial followed by massages with Tarika Night oil for face makes the face smooth and glowing.

 Marks and scars: Apply face packs made with Mysteribath Premium (sandal) and milk and rosewater. Follow this up with massages with Tarika Night oil for face.


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