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Beauty Oil of Indian Royalty

 Tarika Ayurvedic Night Oil is an exclusive, naturally processed oil for application and massage of the face and neck for improving the skin tone and texture.  This oil is prepared according to the Indian Ayurvedic traditional method of preparation of oils for health and beauty.  The royal women of ancient India used these kinds of special oils for the upkeep of their beauty.

 Extracts of chosen Ayurvedic herbs with cosmetic and therapeutic benefits are processed in a gingelly oil base to create this unique Beauty Oil.  These extracts are known to have vivifying, life-giving properties for the facial skin and tissues.  They help to maintain the youthful elasticity of the skin and to prevent the early formation of wrinkles.

 Tarika Night oil has anti-wrinkle properties. It is a 100% natural product without any chemical additive.                              

Method of Application :  Shake out 4 to 6 drops ( or as required) of Tarika Night Oil and apply on the face in the evening or at night before going to bed.  Take your time to massage it in well with your fingertips.  Massage particularly the area under the eyes, eye-corners, spots, patches and any other skin blemish on the face.  Use the oil also on the neck, hands and forearms for a soft and emollient feel.

Tarika Night Oil gets easily absorbed by the skin.  It is soft, gentle and non-greasy                      

 NB: If the oil gets into the eyes, there is likely to be a little irritation.  This is harmless for the eyes.  The irritation will subside after a while or one may wash the eyes with cool water.

 Effects:  Regular application of Tarika Night Oil over a period of about 20 nights will show a distinct improvement in the skin tone, texture and general complexion.  The oil nourishes and vivifies the skin cells and tissues to give a fair, youthful glow with a smooth and soft feel.  It is effective against patches, lines, eye-rings, spots, blackheads etc.

 Regular and continual application of Tarika Night Oil helps to remove small eruptions / pimples / acne on the face.  The special medicinal extracts of the Ayurvedic herbs in the oil help cleanse the epidermal layers of impurities – the skin blemishes slowly disappear to leave the skin smooth, healthy and glowing. Over a period Tarika Night oil helps to fill up crater like depressions on the face.

 In dry or cold climates one can use Tarika Night Oil during the day to prevent chapping.  It also provides a good moisturising.

 Before applying Tarika Night Oil it is advisable to wash the face with water and wipe dry.  Avoid use of soap as far as possible.  Use instead our Mysteribath Herbomineral Ayurvedic Bathing Powder or Tarika Face Wash to cleanse the face.



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