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Welcome to Ayurlabs India... the makers of the most effective 100% herbal pimple / acne treatment product for a pimple and acne free skin. Our Tarika Ayurvedic Pimple / Acne Remover shows results in just 10 days - even in old and obstinate cases. You can get relief from years of acne / pimple problems with Tarika Pimple Remover.

Clinical trials done to evaluate the efficacy of Tarika Pimple Remover yielded very satisfactory results in all cases of acne, including severe and old cases, in teenagers and adults of both sexes. The product was found to be very safe as well. Click here for clinical trial report and photos of acne cases treated with Tarika Pimple / Acne Remover.

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our products for other 100% natural skin care products for complexion, marks and scars, anti-wrinkle for a blemish free skin, as well as our body massage oils, face oils and exfoliating mud-packs and sandal clay bath powders. The holistic and balanced nature of our Ayurvedic formulas promote natural healing, health and well-being safely without side effects... a testimony to the wisdom of Ayurveda

Remove your facial marks, scars, patches, blackspots, acne and pimple scars, acne pits,  under eye circles, blackheads, body scars, stretch marks in a totally natural way - just with simple applications and uses of Tarika and Mysteribath 100% herbal Ayurvedic products. No need for chemical products, surgery, laser treatments or any other artificial techniques or devices.

Bring glowing health and beauty to your skin the natural way. Click here to write to us for more information.

I have made an
application of your
Tarika Pimple/Acne
and had
remarkable effect...... 

Jan Jensen
 Vamdrup, Denmark

Very old pimple and marks in cluster removed in 10 days by Tarika Pimple Remover and Tarika Night oil.

AK Chowdhury

Tarika Pimple Remover

People say Tarika Pimple/Acne Remover is the most effective  acne/pimple product. Read on...


Tarika Night Oil

I find that ... my skin is improving and regaining its glow (product used Tarika night oil)

Ms .Raman

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