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Ayurlabs India brings you pure 100% natural Ayurvedic herbal remedies. Our powders and oils are made exclusively with chosen herbs, mineral clays and vegetable oils – the ingredients we use are known for centuries in India, for their beneficial qualities for the skin and body. We maintain the purity of our formulas by following the traditional methods of preparation as prescribed by Ayurveda – the 5000 year old ancient herbal science of India, which is based on the principles of harmony that exists between humans and Nature.

Tarika products work according to Nature’s ways; they do what Nature does - heal and cure naturally, safely and unobtrusively.  They are for individual use as well as for spas, health clubs and resorts, yoga and healing centres.


Tarika Ayurvedic Pimple/Acne Remover

At last an acne / pimple treatment product that works, quickly and effectively, for both adults and teenagers, in old, obstinate cases as well as for occasional breakouts. Its 100% natural, anti-fungal formula shows results within 10 days and ensures a pimple and acne free skin.  Because it is 100% herbal, it is safe to use and removes acne / pimples without scarring the skin or causing any other side effect. At the same time Tarika Pimple Remover keeps the skin soft, smooth and imparts a natural glow.

Get relief from years of acne / pimple problem with Tarika Pimple Remover. The simplest and easiest way to get rid of your acne / pimple. 

Click here for Clinical trial report and photos of acne cases treated with Tarika Pimple Remover.

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Tarika Ayurvedic Daily Facial

Tarika Daily Facial deep cleanses the pores, removes scars, marks, minor skin eruptions and improves the complexion for a healthy, glowing and beautiful face. It contains specially chosen clays and complexion enhancing herbs which gently exfoliate, nourish, protect from pollution and impart a glow even to a dull skin.  For all skin-types.

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Tarika Ayurvedic Face Wash

A 100% herbal face wash to gently cleanse and unclog the facial skin pores, remove dirt and protect the skin from pollution. Tarika Face Wash is prepared only with Ayurvedic herbs combined with cleansing and exfoliating clays, for a soothing and refreshing face wash. Its natural ingredients keep the skin soft, smooth and prevent redness. It is useful as a foundation before make-up and protects the skin from harsh chemical cosmetics.

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 Mysteribath Herbomineral Ayurvedic (Mud) Bathing powder (for bath and massage)

Experience this special 100% pure, herbal formula that combines the exfoliating qualities of mineral rich clay/mud with the nourishing and energizing effects of Ayurvedic herbs to impart health, healing, relaxation and a complete sense of well-being. Mysteribath Herbomineral mud baths and mud-packs deep cleanse the skin pores drawing out toxins and leaving the skin soft, smooth, supple and radiant.  Use under a shower or as a pack for face or body. No soap required. It is soothing for both adults and children; keeps the skin cool and fresh and gives relief from skin irritations, summer rashes, allergies.  Extremely useful for spas, health clubs, yoga and natural healing centres.  

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 Mysteribath Premium Bathing powder with sandalwood (sandal bath clay) 

An exotic Ayurvedic formula containing pure natural sandalwood combined with exfoliating clays and energizing herbs. A bath with Mysteribath Premium refreshes and reinvigorates; deodorizes, relieves fatigue, stress and relaxes the whole body. Use it under a shower or as a body-pack to de-stress…makes the skin silky smooth while the exotic aroma of pure sandalwood lingers on your body. No soap required.

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 Tarika Ayurvedic Night oil for face

This exclusive 100% Ayurvedic herbal beauty oil or face massage oil is based on the ancient Indian Ayurvedic recipes of face and beauty oils used by the royal women of India. Regular application of Tarika Night Face Oil in the evening or night for about three weeks shows a distinct improvement in the complexion and gives a fair and youthful glow. Its anti-wrinkle properties help offset the early formation of wrinkles. Tarika Night Oil for face nourishes and revitalizes the facial tissues and is useful for removing scars, marks, patches, blackheads, acne-pits, dark circles and if the skin is rough and uneven, makes it smooth and soft. Regular use of Tarika Ayurvedic Face Oil helps prevent acne / pimple breakouts and gives a blemish-free skin it is non-greasy and gets easily absorbed by the skin. Useful for all types of skin.

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 Available in five fragrances: Saffron, Sandal, Frankincense, Lavender, Herbal. 

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 Tarika Ayurvedic Body oil

This naturally fragrant body massage oil is made with extracts of aromatic herbs and resins in a sesame oil base for use in bath, or for full body massages. Tarika Body massage oil ensures good circulation of energies in the body, relieves pains, aches, nervous tension etc. A full body massage with Tarika Body Oil effectively removes stress, relaxes the nerves and muscles and re-energises and reinvigorates the body. Useful for spas, health clubs, resorts, yoga and natural healing centres.  

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 Tarika Ayurvedic Body Toner and Moisturising oil

When age starts catching up and the body finds things difficult: - you feel stiff, lethargic and a loss of energy - use of Tarika Body Toner oil for massages and applications helps bring back energy, vigour and promotes general well-being. Tarika body-toner and moisturizing oil acts as a restorative and helps recuperate quickly - relieves weakness from the body, muscles and tissues and ensures proper blood circulation. .

 Tarika Body Toner and Moisturiser oil can be used in baths, spas, by specialists, masseurs, yoga teachers.

 Made only with natural herbal extracts in a sesame oil base

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 Agni Ayurvedic Massage oil

Useful for relieving arthritic and rheumatic pains, mainly - rheumatoid arthritic problems - joint pains and swellings on ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders etc, back pains, as well as spondylitis. Agni oil is also useful in sports or work-place injuries – muscle pulls and stretches, ligament injuries. This oil also nourishes and helps heal and join damaged or torn tissues. 

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Tarika Ayurvedic Gumasseur - Gum Oil

Tarika Gum oil is a 100% herbal product for treating receding gums, bleeding gums, spongy gums, weak gums, mouth ulcers, sensitive teeth and toothaches. Makes the gum firm and strong, prevents premature / early tooth fall, strengthens the teeth roots.

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