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 Tarika Ayurvedic  Pimple/acne Remover


    Tarika Ayurvedic Face Wash

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 It is said beauty is skin deep. But you want that skin to look young, beautiful and healthy, because it is also true that a beautiful natural skin is a mirror of good health. Tarika products work not only to make your skin beautiful, but also to make it healthy. And it is all done naturally - without using any chemicals or artificial ingredients or additives. Through continuous research and study of Ayurveda, we have formulated Tarika products, which, are a synergistic combination of chosen herbs and minerals that are effective as well as gentle and soothing for the skin. Tarika products work for your skin not only on the skin-surface but deeper in the epidermal layers to remove toxins that block the pores, to improve blood circulation so that the skin becomes healthy and regains its youthful look.

 When you are concerned about having the best for your skin which works, is natural, safe and gentle - this is where Tarika comes in. Tarika products provide you this blend of effectiveness, total naturalness and a soothing well-being.

Remove your facial marks, scars, patches, blackspots, acne and pimple scars, acne pits,  under eye circles, blackheads, body scars, stretch marks in a totally natural way - just with simple applications and uses of Tarika and Mysteribath 100% herbal Ayurvedic products. No need for chemical products, surgery, laser treatments or any other artificial techniques or devices

With regular use of Tarika Ayurvedic products you can take control of your skin's health and ensure that it stays naturally beautiful and remains smooth, glowing, youthful and blemish-free. Tarika products are 100% natural and made only with pure herbs and ingredients.

 Acne / Pimple problems: Whether it is teen acne/pimple or adult acne/pimple regular use of Tarika Ayurvedic Pimple/Acne Remover once or twice a day gives you complete relief. Tarika Pimple / Acne Remover is effective for all types of skin. It is useful even in obstinate and old acne/pimple problems. You can see the results within just 10 days.

 Use Tarika Ayurvedic Face Wash with Tarika Pimple Remover for quicker benefits.

 Read Usage instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Tarika Pimple / Acne Remover.

 Marks, scars, patches, blackheads: Apply Tarika Ayurvedic Night oil for face for about a month and see the results for yourself. Continuous and regular use makes the face smooth and glowing. Scars, marks, patches, acne scars, lines become lighter or fade away and the skin becomes smooth with regular use. Pock-mark like craters have also been reported to slowly fill up with regular use. Application of Tarika Night oil for face on the forehead and under the eyes helps to remove dark circles and relax the nerves.

 Avoid soaps; instead use Tarika Ayurvedic Face Wash with Tarika Night oil.

 Facial complexion: To improve the complexion or to maintain the glow of your skin, use Tarika Ayurvedic Daily Facial during the day and Tarika Night oil for face at night. In addition, use Mysteribath Herbomineral Ayurvedic Bathing powder or Mysteribath Premium (sandal) as a pack twice a week. Avoid soaps; instead use Tarika Ayurvedic Face Wash.

 Anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing treatment: To offset the early formation of wrinkles regularly use Tarika Night oil for face. Also, use face packs made with Mysteribath Premium (sandal). In addition, use our steam treatment pack to keep the skin youthful and emollient. Avoid soaps, instead use Tarika Face Wash.


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