Terms and conditions of sale

1. The prices are inclusive of the cost of handling and shipment, but do not include taxes, duties, government levies etc. prevalent in the country of destination. The customer at the time of taking delivery or when notified will have to pay all the levies applicable to the concerned authorities, authorized agencies etc. before taking delivery. The customer also should provide the required identity for delivery, if and when asked for by the authorities.

2. Orders will normally be dispatched from Pondicherry (India) within 3 normal working days, except the large bulk packs which will require about 7 days for shipment. Normal delivery time will be about two weeks from the date of dispatch.  While all care will be taken to pack the goods properly and to book them with responsible carriers, our responsibility ceases once the parcels containing the goods are handed over to or booked with the transporters, postal authorities, couriers as the case may be. We will not be liable for delays, non-delivery or for any damages/losses during transit which are beyond our control.

3. The customer should provide the full and complete address for delivery including phone numbers email addresses. In case the parcel is returned due to non-delivery for whatever reasons, the parcel will be sent for delivery once more only on payment of fresh handling and shipment charges.

4. The weight and volume of products and packs are shown in Grams/Milliliters as well as approximate equivalents in Pounds/Gallons.


The remedies suggested here and our products are based and manufactured according to the Indian Ayurvedic texts, and the experience of a large number of persons from different countries who have used these products . Ayurlabs India, its management or staff will under no circumstances be liable for the results arising out of improper use of the products or their misuse, or for mixing/combining them with other item(s)/products/remedies (except as recommended by us) or due to prevailing climatic conditions, or for their use on severe wounds, burns or in serious health conditions or for any reason beyond the control of Ayurlabs India. It is expressly understood that these remedies are only well-meaning suggestions and not medical prescriptions or any such thing.